Who are we you may be asking? We are a group of business professionals who wanted to streamline the appropriate avenues for obtaining the correct resale certificate for our stores. Instead of searching through different websites for each specific state’s rules, we decided to make it easier for us to create a one-stop source regarding resale licenses/certificates. After compiling this information, we decided to make it open to the public, for free!

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler who wants to accept resale licenses from your customers, feel free to point them to this website. This will help make your life easier on which area they will need to complete a resale license.

If you are a retailer and need guidance on obtaining a resale certificate, feel free to use this website as it will point in the right direction of how to obtain your resale certificate.

If you are just curious and for some reason like to understand the different rules each state has regarding the purchase of items without paying sales tax, have fun and read away! Please note that we are not tax professionals and you are not obtaining tax advice by visiting this website. If you need specific tax advice, please contact an accountant about your individual scenario.